Titled: Lewdy Toons // Text & Clean Editions.

Our DrawnThatWay journey begins with a private performance from Toon Town’s hottest songbird! Jessica is eager to show us how she trains to hit all those high notes. 😉

Additionally, the entire Jessica Rabbit gallery has been remastered and is available for your reading pleasure!

Looking to the future, our plan is to migrate all existing content from JusticeHentai and EnchantedHentai over the next year. New superhero and fantasy content will continue to be posted to those sites for the one year period, but will also appear here. Ranmabooks will remain separate and independent as that remains the vast preference of the RHB team and community. All other content previously created by the team is coming to DrawnThatWay.

What DrawnThatWay will focus on in the first year is remastering and releasing “out of print” Deep Star Books comics which have been unavailable for years. This includes projects like Dragon Ball Z: Cell Game and All-Star Hentai (our whacky crossover comic trilogy where Goku meets Sailor Moon and many more). Each book will be remastered with the TLC our readers have come to expect from the team, with some projects even having new, expanded scenes featuring planned content that was cut during production crunch!

Of course there will be new content too! While we grow and integrate our communities, we shall post occasional new content that is exclusive to DrawnThatWay.

But some of you may be wondering: why create a new, integrated website at all? Often has the community of JusticeHentai and EnchantedHentai asked for a single pass that would allow them to access both websites. We’re doing even better than that: our ultimate goal is to have one website instead of several websites so that members don’t need to jump through portals or get multiple memberships. We’re making supporting our projects simpler and our content more accessible. And perhaps most importantly, the scope of our offerings will increase at DrawnThatWay, officially expanding into other realms such as Video Games. Here at DrawnThatWay, everything naughty (yet legal) is on the table in our galleries!

Rest assured, despite the new brand, it’s the same folks creating the art with a renewed focus on making community quality of life ever better. We hope you’ll come with us for the ride.

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