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Ranma Hentai Books Frequently Asked Questions
Ranma Hentai Books Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is JusticeHentai.com about?

A.This website is dedicated to creating naughty, adult images of superheroes!

You’ll find we’re not your typical hentai community. Unlike other adult websites, which are only interested in making a buck, Justice Hentai is a non-profit community of artists and fans. 100 percent of all the money we receive goes towards creating new art! The more resources we have, the more art we make! ^_^

And if that wasn’t cool enough, most of the art we create is decided by our membership! A lot of other adult websites claim to have fan driven content, but we have hundreds of pages of art that prove we really mean it. 😀

Q. What style is your art based on?

A. We began with DCAU mostly, which is itself heavily influenced by the minimalistic, angular work of Fleischer.

In recent years, we have added artists who are happy to draw contemporary and classic comic book character designs. Chances are, we can handle anything you throw at us. Ask for your preferred costume or character design and you shall receive. ^_^

Q. How often do you update?

A. There is new art released every week, but the amount of art we release scales with support!

The more community members we have, the more updates we can make each week! So please spread the word about us, and if get enough people, we can increase the number of art updates!

Q. Do you guys accept commissions?

A. Yes we do! But you must currently be at least a Hero tier member of the website and register on our forum.

If you meet those requirements, you are all set and can get started!

Q. How much does membership cost?

A. The cost of membership depends on your subscription choice. The more months you sign up for, the more you save.

Here are the options:

  • 1 month – $24.95 USD Trial Account. Become a Justice Hentai Sidekick! You get access to all our art, but can’t make Art Requests or Commissions. (Your subscription will NOT renew automatically. The account will simply expire.)
  • 1 month – $24.95 USD per month. Become a Justice Hentai Hero! You get access to all our art and can make Commissions of your favorite comic book characters! (Recurring subscription, will renew until canceled, which is easy and hassle free, just a few clicks on your JH account page.)
  • 3 months – $19.95 USD per month for Heroes. Members who sign up for multiple months get Super Savings!
  • 3 months – $29.95 USD per month. Become a Justice Hentai Sentinel! You get access to all our art and can make Premium Fan Requests (like Threesomes, Tentacles etc.). Sentinels also get the highest commission priority from our artists!
  • 6 months – $19.95 USD per month for Heroes and $22.95 per month for Sentinels! Members who sign up with us for the long haul save a bundle! Heroes save $30 and Sentinels save $42! (Recurring Subscription. Will renew until canceled.)
  • 1 Year Loyalty Pass – $12.50 USD per month for Heroes ($150 USD total) and $15 USD per month for Sentinels ($180 USD total)! Our most loyal members get maximum savings! Heroes save ~ $120 and Sentinels save ~ $180! (Recurring Subscription. Will renew until canceled.)

Q. Do I have to provide any credit card or personal information to you guys directly?

A. Nope. Our billing is handled by a third party!

You can have peace of mind that we won’t collect or store your credit card info, our 3rd party payment processor handles all of that. And by default, there will be no mention of an adult site on your credit card bill. Billing is discreet. ^_^

Q. How do I cancel my membership?

A. We hope you won’t ever want to do this, but if you have to (finanical reasons maybe), then all you have to do is login, click on the “account” button and click cancel.

It’s easy to do, and hassle free, but we really hope you’ll stick with us so we can keep making great superhero art for years to come!

Q. If I have a question, suggestion or problem, who do I talk to?

A. Just send us an email using the “Contact Us” button. We’ll get back to you in less than two business days, but we try to reply a great deal faster than that.

You will find that the admins are easy to get a hold of as we love talking about comics with the Justice Hentai community. ^_^

Q. What’s currently on your website?

A. Our galleries feature both pinups and comics. We have over four thousand unique pieces of art and counting!

The pinup gallery features an assortment of heroes and rogues from DC and Marvel Comics. More information about the content of our website can be found in the TOUR section.

Q. What can I expect in the future?

A. We are going to expand the gallery to feature more girls and create new comics.

We add new girls in the gallery every year to keep things interesting (not counting fan requests, where many obscure comic gals can appear). If your favorite comic babe hasn’t been added yet, you can request her using the Turn-Based Request area of our website! If enough folks request that character, they could even be added to our gallery permanently one day!

Q. Do you guys create all of your own art?

A. Absolutely.

We draw all our art exclusively for this website. It’s 100 percent new content!

Q. What’s your connection to Ranma Hentai Books? What about Deep Star Books?

A. Justice Hentai began life as an annual alternative comic project created by Ranma Hentai Books (formerly Ranma Hentai Gallery) and distributed on Deep Star Books.

Sales for the project were surprisingly strong for a non-Ranma release, and the team suddenly found itself with a new audience clamoring for more of this art. So it was decided that the concept would be expanded to a weekly content website dedicated to nothing but superheroes. The Justice Hentai team is very excited and pleased to get this opportunity to work on their passion full time. We look forward to serving our fans for a long time to come!

Q. What guarantee do I have you guys plan to stick around awhile?

A. Justice Hentai has been in operation since October 2009 and we have NEVER missed an update (Until we missed about a month during COVID, but back on track!).

You can expect original content to be delivered on a regular basis perpetually. So whether you are with us a month, a year, or forever, there will always be new art in production. Guaranteed. This is what we love to do and we’re determined to do it forever. ^_^

Q. Do you guys draw Marvel (insert publisher) characters too?

A. We began updating the website with Marvel content in November 2011 and are happy to create Fan Requests featuring Marvel Characters.

Both DC and Marvel are welcome at Justice Hentai! Even some Indie babes like Vampirella show up. But if the gal you love isn’t in our galleries, just ask for your favorite in a Fan Request and we’ll draw her for you! ^_^

Q. Last question. Where do I sign up?

A. Thought you’d never ask. Follow the link below to join. ^_^