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Ranma Hentai Books Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why was DrawnThatWay.com created?

A. DrawnThatWay is the successor to our previous adult websites, JusticeHentai.com and EnchantedHentai.com.

In an age where every entertainment service is offering a “plus” service, having a bunch of expensive pay sites host our art is not practical.

Our supporters should not have to jump through hoops and buy multiple memberships. For this reason, we have consolidated our communities into one place: DrawnThatWay.com. A place with more updates, more resources and a more affordable price point.

DrawnThatWay is a non-profit community of artists and fans. 100 percent of all the money we receive goes towards creating new art! The more resources we have, the more art we make!


Q. What art can be found at DrawnThatWay.com?

A. All new superhero and fantasy art content from JusticeHentai and EnchantedHentai is posted at DrawnThatWay as of January, 2023. There’s even more to see though! We have exclusive art based on video games, movies & television, animes beyond Ranma 1/2, science fiction, and an “others” category for whatever doesn’t quite fit into any of those. At DrawnThatWay, anything and everything (legal) is on the menu.


Q. How often do you update?

A. There is new art released every week, but the amount of art we release scales with support. At launch, we’ll begin with two updates weekly.

The more community members we have, the more updates we can make each week! So please spread the word about us, and if get enough people, we can increase the number of art updates!


Q. I want customized sexy art of my favorite characters. Do you guys accept commissions?

A. Yes we do! Any active DrawnThatWay member of the Hero tier or higher may commission art (for a fee) of their favorite characters if commissions are open (meaning not all slots for a month are yet filled).

There is one exception to this policy. DTW Supporters of the “Legend” tier, those who give the most to help us pay the bills around here, will always have their commissions accepted even if commissions are currently closed.


Q. How much does membership cost?

A. The team has long wanted to lower the barrier fee to joining our community. Our new philosophy is this: we only charge the minimum fee to access our art. We’d go lower, but we’d actually lose money because of content, processing and hosting fees (we considered a free-model, but our host forbid it. Plus ads suck!). So $9.95 USD is the minimum to join. You can pay more, if you want to, but there is no additional art. We aren’t putting up a second, bigger paywall like those OnlyCrap content creators. One fee, all our art. No BS.

There are some perks to those who can afford to give a bit more. Supporters of higher tiers receive a shiny membership badge which will appear on their art comments in the DTW galleries. An ethical, cosmetic reward. Additionally, when there are DrawnThatWay polls for content creation, they will get increased voting power. Lastly, for those most generous, the Legends, we’ll offer an “an always open” commission policy. If you’re thinking about the Legend tier, money isn’t really an object. Think of it as a “deluxe” service for loyal supporters who want their custom content made ASAP.

Here are the options! Remember, all tiers get a unique website badge which will appear when posting comments in the DrawnThatWay art galleries.

  • $9.95 USD Trial Account. Become a DrawnThatWay Civilian! You get access to all our art for 10 days, but cannot vote in polls or commission. (Your subscription will NOT renew automatically. The account will simply expire. Great option for those who want to try us out or catch up once in awhile!)
  • $20 USD per month. Become a DrawnThatWay Sidekick! You get access to all our art and can vote in our polls (1x power), influencing the art we create. Cannot request commissions. (Will NOT renew automatically.)
  • $20 USD per month. $15 USD monthly if loyalty discount plan selected. Become a DrawnThatWay Hero! Get everything in the Sidekick tier, but increased voting power (2x). Can request commissions of your favorite characters for a fee. (Recurring subscription, will renew until canceled, which is easy and hassle free, just a few clicks on your DTW account page.)
  • $35 USD per month. $25 monthly if loyalty discount plan selected. Become a DrawnThatWay Sentinel! Everything in the previous tier, but even more voting power (4x). Sentinels also get the highest commission priority from our artists! NOTE: Legends cannot jump your place in line.
  • $75 USD per month. Become a DrawnThatWay Legend! Everything in the previous tier, but the commission service is always open. If you’re thinking about the Legend tier, money isn’t really an object. Think of it as a “fast lane” service for whales who want their custom content made ASAP! 

Q. Do I have to provide any credit card or personal information to you guys directly?

A. Nope. Our billing is handled by a third party!

You can have peace of mind that we won’t collect or store your credit card info, our 3rd party payment processor handles all of that off-site. And by default, there will be no mention of an adult site on your credit card bill. Billing is discreet and will appear as “Deep Star Entertainment”.


Q. How do I cancel my membership?

A. We hope you won’t ever want to do this, but if you have to (finanical reasons maybe), then all you have to do is login, click on the “account” button and click cancel.

It’s easy to do, and hassle free, but we really hope you’ll stick with us so we can keep making art for years to come!


Q. If I have a question, suggestion or problem, who do I talk to?

A. Just send us an email using the “Contact Us” button. We’ll get back to you in less than two business days, but we try to reply a great deal faster than that.

You will find that the admins are easy to get a hold of as we love talking about the art with the DTW community. ^_^


Q. How much art will be released each month? How much content is currently on the DrawnThatWay website?

A. All planned content can be seen in the “Calendar” section of our website at any time. This way, members know what they’re supporting.

Initially, there will be new, exclusive art released on DrawnThatWay.com monthly. The frequency of this content will scale as we increase membership.

Regardless of membership levels, however, there will be one guaranteed new superhero pinup and one “other category” exclusive art page monthly. Commissions will also be released on top of these guaranteed releases. Once the transition process is complete, and all community members have migrated over from JusticeHentai and EnchantedHentai, we shall ramp exclusive content back up to weekly releases, and beyond if support is strong enough.

On day 1, DrawnThatWay.com will launch with select content from the JusticeHentai, EnchantedHentai & Deep Star Books Archives. All content will be remastered in Ultra High Definition (or as close as the originals allow). Additionally, some art improvements and fixes will be made on a case by case basis.

We’ll be adding remastered content weekly until everything is in the DrawnThatWay galleries. Note that some content has already been remastered at the JusticeHentai Patreon. That content needs to be retagged, but will migrate here faster than un-remastered content.

For those wondering, the reason we do not simply dump all the old art files from JH and EH into the DTW gallery is these files are watermarked with the old domain, are often small jpgs, and may feature mistakes we could not correct at the time of original release. The files are also untagged and would be difficult to search for in our galleries without a slow, tedious visual scan. In short, the quality would suck and the quality of life for our members seeking that content would suck. At DTW, we want all the art to rock and that’s the standard we’re shooting for with every release.


Q. What can I expect in the future for DrawnThatWay?

A. We are going to expand the gallery to feature more girls and create new comics. Although we’ll begin with exclusive pinups, when support levels are high enough we’ll start releasing comic content too. And from our personal viewpoint, the depth and richness of comic content is really what motivates us as fans to keep creating.


Q. Do you guys create all of your own art?

A. Almost all of it, yes. All art contained in the DrawnThatWay.com galleries were created by or licensed to Deep Star Entertainment. We will not post art made by non-affiliated artists (no content stealing). “Donated” art will only be posted with the express permission of the original artist(s). As artists ourselves, and fans of fan art projects, no exceptions shall be made to this policy.


Q. What’s your connection to Ranma Hentai Books/JusticeHentai/EnchantedHentai? What about Deep Star Books?

A. All of these websites were created by and are affiliated with our production house, Deep Star Entertainment. Ranma Hentai Books is our sister site and the best place to find new hentai of your favorite Ranma characters. JusticeHentai and EnchantedHentai were the “parent” sites of DrawnThatWay, the successor site which carries on that legacy.

Deep Star Books was the original marketplace where our Ranma and Superhero comics were sold (in the mid and late 00’s). There were other comic projects, such as the Dragon Ball Z comic “Cell Game” and the crossover spectacular “All Star Hentai”, which were orphaned without a home once Deep Star Books shuttered (because it was obsolete). With the launch of DrawnThatWay, a place where all fantasies are welcome, we’ll be remastering and releasing those comics. Eventually, all non-Ranma content ever made by or licensed to Deep Star Entertainment will be available at DrawnThatWay.com.


Q. What guarantee do I have you guys plan to stick around awhile if I join?

A. Deep Star Entertainment has been in nearly continuous operation since 2006. We have only had a brief interruption in service during the COVID pandemic, which was resolved in a few months. We strive for quality and consistency.

Although the amount of art will go up and down based on current community support, there’s always something in the pipeline so you can expect original content to be delivered on a regular basis perpetually. So whether you are with us a month, a year, or the long haul, there will always be new art in production. Guaranteed. This is what we love to do and we’re determined to do it forever. ^_^


Q. Why is Ranma 1/2 content not on the website? Wouldn’t it be even better to have all websites folded into a single super website?

A. The Ranmabooks community is our oldest and largest membership by a wide margin. Although not unanimous, it has been the dominant sentiment of the community that this financial support 100% go to Ranma and only Ranma content. We respect that and will honor that.

However, Ranma 1/2 content is also welcome at DrawnThatWay in the form of paid commissions and crossover content. Just note that we’re likely to share that content at both sites.


Q. Last question. Where do I sign up?

A. Thought you’d never ask. Follow the link below to join. ^_^